Case Study


The Big Business Agency guided the precise nature of implementing the GTM strategy, as it yielded impressive results, including:

  • New business up by 200%
  • 400% increase in pipeline value closing in the next quarter
  • 4x increase in velocity of sales through the pipeline.
  • 15% conversion rate from cold prospect to sales-qualified meetings.
  • An account-based marketing campaign with carefully crafted messaging to individual verticals and personas.


Taxually established four years ago, provides tax technology as a SAAS platform for global corporations to efficiently and cost-effectively register, file, and pay their Value Added Tax (VAT).

Since its inception, Taxually has focused on developing and delivering the market’s most robust and reliable VAT reporting solutions. Its fantastic product-market fit has resulted in an impressive client portfolio and stellar revenue growth.

To move the business to its next stage of development and growth, the founders of Taxually engaged Big Business Agency to assist them in developing a highly focused “Penetrate” Go-To-Market (GTM) strategy.

By leveraging the core product strengths and technology roadmap, implementing the GTM strategy unlocked an immediate revenue boost and provided the blueprint for future expansion.

Implementing the GTM strategy has enabled Taxually to refocus its immediate marketing and sales efforts and increase marketing efficiency, sales pipeline velocity, market penetration, and revenues.

The Methodology

The imperative of the “Penetrate” Go-To-Market strategy is to build upon a business’ existing strengths within verticals where there is established credibility and service is proven. This strategy enables a company to leverage existing proof points, demonstrate industry expertise and reduce the demand for expensive custom software development.

Taxually, as a preferred partner of the largest eCommerce platform in the world, their VAT technology is used by thousands of eCommerce sellers around the globe, providing an immediate focus for the development of the “Penetrate” strategy.

Working closely with Taxually’s senior executives, the Big Business Agency assisted in scoping the appropriate verticals to target.

Then alongside Taxually’s sales and marketing teams, the Big Business Agency advised developing persona-based messaging, enabling the deployment of highly targeted account-based marketing programmes to the priority sectors and stakeholders.