The Big Business Agency Founders’ BluePrint

The Big Business Agency Founders’ BluePrint prepares founders for growth and investment by clarifying how investors will assess your business. It also details actions to increase enterprise value and investability.

The Founders’ BluePrint delivers a ‘how to guide’ to improving investability, including:

  1. Industry, sector and market-based growth strategy mapped over three years with clear target markets, Total Addressable Market, ideal customer criteria attribution, CAGR and market share analysis.
  2. Customer value propositions, counter competitive messaging, and customer contract recommendations to increase enterprise valuation and product roadmaps to smooth FTEs.
  3. Financial performance commentary, Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) and operational performance assessments
  4. Cultural and leadership audit

The Big Business Agency Founders’ BluePrint is delivered as a stand-alone service with actionable insights for founders to implement. It includes the identification of KPIs and implementation guidelines to monitor and measure success.

With over 20 years of experience successfully growing and acquiring businesses for Private Equity Investors like Vista Equity Partners, Hg Capital and TPG, the Big Business Agency is well placed to set you on your journey of securing allied investors.

The Big Business Agency Founders’ BluePrint

Founders’ BluePrint Implementation and Project Management

The Big Business Agency three-step BluePrint implementation:

  1. Foundation
  2. Definition
  3. Execution

1. Foundation

This phase documents whom to sell to and why they will buy. It consists of a series of workshops, market surveys, competitor surveys, and desk research defining and clarifying:

External landscape

Industry and addressable markets, competitors, Porter’s 5 Forces, customer value proposition survey, prospect interviews, pricing and packaging research.

Internal landscape

Growth strategy, ideal customer criteria, product and service offerings, pricing and packaging, product roadmap, differentiation, competitive advantage and positioning, channel strategy and territory map.

Founders’ BluePrint Implementation and Project Management

2. Definition

This phase clarifies what you sell and how it will be sold. It consists of desk research, surveys, workshops, document production and presentations defining:

Positioning and value propositions per target market segment, sales and marketing plan.

Sales enablement

Sales playbook, decks, software demonstration scripts, question and objection handling scripts, use cases and ROI calculator, data sheets and configuration guides.

Channel plan

Territory plan by sub-sector, roles and responsibilities matrix.

Founders’ BluePrint Implementation and Project Management

3. Execution

This phase communicates and rolls out the sales and marketing plan.

Internal activity

Training and communication program, script and demonstration rehearsal, counter competitive messaging, pitch-perfect practice, major account planning and opportunity planning, pipeline and forecast process, KPIs and measures of success.

External marketing

Marketing campaign themes (account-based, demand generation and retention), customer survey, customer advisory board.

Founders’ BluePrint Implementation and Project Management


Artefacts for the Big Business Agency BluePrint implementation include:

  1. Growth strategy with territory maps
  2. Target account lists, decision-maker personas with verified value propositions per persona
  3. Sales and marketing plan, digitisation plans, revenue operations process
  4. Major account and opportunity plan frameworks
  5. Sales enablement materials – sales decks, video and webinar scripts, software demonstration scripts, objection handling scripts, counter competitive messages, and sales playbook (prospect to close)
  6. Customer testimonial mechanism — Survey and advisory board
  7. Sales pipeline and forecasting technique
  8. KPIs and measures of success
Founders’ BluePrint Implementation and Project Management

Leadership coaching

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”

John F. Kennedy | Former U.S. President

Founders and executives transitioning into ‘invested’ businesses face the difficult transition from ‘operating a business’ to a ‘running a corporation’.

Corporate communications and processes are favoured by Private Equity as the disciplines required to significantly grow a business.  Processes such as Sales Pipeline Management and in particular Business Forecasting and Forecast Accuracy have greater scrutiny and significance.

Forecast accuracy is the final result of best practice pipeline and forecasting which we coach our clients to excel in.  Communications and Board updates need a new focus and discipline, to achieve this we coach clients how to structure and present with gravitas, clarity and consistency.

Leadership coaching


“The art of communication is the language of leadership.”

James Humes | Author and Former Presidential Speech Writer

Your Investor Pitch may be one of the most important presentations you will ever make. We coach you how to nail it. From content to structure and delivery, we show you how to create the right pitch deck and how to deliver a perfect investor pitch!

Elevating your communication shouldn’t be focussed on a single event or project. Communication across your company needs to be cohesive. This is especially true of your Board updates and also company-wide updates. These need focus and discipline to be effective. Company-wide “town hall’ updates provide the mechanism to communicate change, progress and confidence.

We coach leaders how to structure and confidently present their communication with gravitas, clarity and consistency both in person and on camera.  We coach you how to structure and deliver talks and webinars (for internal or external purposes) to better connect with the audience and increase engagement, resulting in communications that have impact and are memorable.


Quarterly Business Review (QBR)

“Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes; but no plans.”

Peter F. Drucker

The QBR service is a quarterly recurring meeting reviewing the GTM implementation, sales pipeline and business forecast accuracy aimed at keeping your GTM on track. The QBR includes issue identification and mitigation, recommendations and remedial action coaching as required.

Quarterly Business Review (QBR)
Case Study


  • New business up by 200%
  • 400% increase in pipeline value closing in the next quarter 
  • 4x increase in velocity of sales through the pipeline 
  • 15% conversion rate from cold prospect to sales-qualified meetings