I want to reposition

“The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence – it is to act with yesterday’s logic”.

Peter Drucker | Management Consultant & Author

Change arbitrates repositioning. 

When your customers’ world changes, your place in it changes. 

The pandemic generated its own turbulence, exacerbating competing with incumbency, cloud transitions, digital transformation, MVP’s and the general decentralisation of decision making.

Reclaiming your market position requires a digitally remastered GTM rolled out across Sales, Marketing and Product Management with new value propositions, counter competitive messaging, and sales presentations, webinars and videos.

The Digital GTM introduces fresh perspectives and thinking to create alignment between and within existing teams. The final step is the roll out across your sales, marketing and channel teams executing a co-ordinated highly successful repositioning in your market.

I want to reposition
Case Study


  • New business up by 200%
  • 400% increase in pipeline value closing in the next quarter 
  • 4x increase in velocity of sales through the pipeline 
  • 15% conversion rate from cold prospect to sales-qualified meetings