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Increasing the Enterprise Value of software companies

In this video of the Unicorny podcast the conversation is all about how to increase the Enterprise Value of software companies.  We talk about playbooks, sales, contracts, pricing and packaging.


Mid market companies using Salesforce integrated to ERPs like SAP, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics, and Sage haven't had a lot of choice for a CRM, with ERP integration for CPQ being a show-stopper. 


In 2022, another option became available - with HubSpot Sales Hub integration to SAP, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics and Sage, maturing to an enterprise-grade alternative.


Switching to HubSpot for Sales and Marketing saves 43% of direct Opex compared to Salesforce


It dramatically simplifies the tech stack, reduces reliance on expensive external consultants and speeds sales adaptability and visibility.


Let's have a coffee and discover how HubSpot Sales Hub would work for you.


What we do

HubSpot Sales Hub 2.0

We implement the fully integrated Smart CRM with pipeline, demand generation, sales enablement, quotation, prospecting, configure, price and quote, email outreach and much more.

Trueleads automated LinkedIn prospecting

Reach 100% of your Ideal Customers without needing their email address.  Fully automated prospecting reduces reps time wasted on LinkedIn.

Dokio smart content

Enables reps to localise branded digital assets within corporate marketing guidelines and dramatically reduces delays in prospect outreach.

GTM Strategy

Insights into your total addressable market, clarity on your ideal customer profile and best growth strategy. Pricing & packaging, sales & channel options, customer buying journey, new product or service launch or introduction to new market, lead generation initiatives.


Systems Integration

Systems Integration Programme Management to integrate accounting, billing, provisioning, subscription and eCommerce applications.

Project Management

Including scope and requirements definition, risk, assumption and dependency management, deliverable milestones based on Prince2 PMP techniques.

Sales Training & Adoption 

Drive sales team adoption and full compliance with our comprehensive training program based on your existing sales processes.


what we don't do


Let's get right to it. No-one likes to waste time so maybe we can save you some by helping you understand what we don't do.

We are NOT a marketing agency.

We can’t help you with marketing, we specialise in sales performance and growth. We have the technical skills to integrate and implement sales performance and CRM solutions.

Here’s a quick list of what we don’t do;

Marketing Campaigns


Creative Services





How do you avoid a failed CRM implementation?

CRM implementations succeed when the right balance is struck between time, cost and quality across all systems and stakeholders including development, IT, finance, marketing, customer service and sales. 

Our project and change management is based on world-class Prince2 and ITIL techniques to navigate the balance, drive adoption, greatly simplify operations and increase revenue. 

Access more information on CRM implementation here on our blog.

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