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Maximise Sales From Google Ads With Our Fully Managed B2B lead generation service

  • It's like having extra sales people working 24 hours a day 7 days a week
  • Tap into new territories and take your business to new heights
  • 'Done for you' service to boost sales from your Google Ads
  • Snag those top-notch leads from customers actively seeking your products.
  • Launch new products and services.


Drive new business in a predictable, scalable way

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Achieve tangible outcomes with Google Ads and Pay Per Click

Choose between three levels of fully managed Google Ad Plans to drive sales: 

  • Gold Google Ad Plan
  • Platinum Google Ad Plan Plan
  • Premier Google Ad Plan

Choose how much you want 'done for you' including;

Defining ideal target customers, developing and cleaning target lists, refining messages for target customers, managing Ad campaigns, designing and setting up Ad campaigns, maximising Ad spend ROI, and driving Ad leads to sales team member's inboxes to enable same day rapid follow-up to increase sales.

All managed with full visibility with real-time reporting to increase sales.

CLICK on the Gold, Platinum or Premier Plans below to view details of each Google Ad Plan

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Gold Google Ad Plan

Gold Plan for Google Pay Per Click Ads

  Identify sales leads from each Ad

  Deliver Ad leads to the sales team straight to their email inbox

 Verify the target list

 Create and Manage Ad Campaigns (includes graphics, copy & micro-site for lead capture)

  Refine Ad Messaging





Platinum Google Ad Plan

Platinum Plan for Google Pay Per Click Ads


Everything in Gold Plan +

  Define Buyers Path to Purchase 

  Define Buyer Attributes

 Align Ad messaging

  Clean target lists


Premier Google Ad Plan

Premier Plan for Google Pay Per Click Ads


Everything in Platinum Plan +

  Large Target Account Mapping for 3 Target Accounts

  Google Ad Campaign pointed at your 3 Target Accounts

  Follow up sales email campaigns to keep your business top of mind with your target accounts



Include a LinkedIn Campaign using your own LinkedIn profile to engage with your target accounts.

 This optional campaign is  priced separately.


Why Google Pay Per Click Ads?

If you've ever thought Google Ads/Google AdWords were too expensive or not worth it, think again. When done right, Pay Per Click and Google Ads can be just the boost your business needs delivering

  • Quick Results
  • Control over your spend
  • Measurable and Scalable Campaigns
  • Visibility of top performing ads
  • Elevates your brand awareness
  • Integrates with your CRM for a complete search to sale solution

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Done for you PPC and Google Ads Plan

Navigating the world of Pay Pay Click and Google Ads requires a certain finesse and know-how. Many businesses lack the in-house experience, time, or expertise needed for success. Opting to manage Google Ads on your own often results in:

  • potentially wasted money on poor performing Google Ads
  • dealing with sky-high costs per click
  • poor keyword selection resulting in missed potential sales
  • wasting precious time that could be better spent running your business
  • mismatch between your customers search timing and Google Ad placement
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Choose Our Fully Managed Pay Per Click Plan

Letting a seasoned, top-notch team handle your Google Ads and Pay Per Click Campaigns not only saves you time but also boosts your confidence in getting the most out of your Google Ads investment. This translates to:

  • Optimal use of all the available advertising features offered by Google

  • Professionally crafted and designed ads to capture attention

  • Increased B2B leads, inquiries and sales 

  • Micro-sites set up to capture leads and route them to your sales team in real time

  • Alignment with your sales strategy for seamless integration with your sales process

  • Enhanced reporting and measurement – giving you insights on what works and what doesn't, allowing for smarter budget allocation



Google Ads success high five for whole team

Lead and Sales Reporting

In-depth analysis and tailored insights into your advertising performance metrics

  • Ad performance metrics and analysis
  • Insights on your best performing ads and campaigns
  • Prioritise re-use of best performing ads to new target prospects
  • Continuous improvement advice
  • Realtime leverage of new Google Ads functionality
  • The option of Ad Intent Data to help you scale your top performing ads


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