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Maximise Sales From Your Google Ads With Our Fully Managed Service for Technology Companies

A complete service tailored for technology firms to maximise new clients and more revenue from your ad spend and sales campaigns

  • Targeted at the right potential clients
  • Compelling placement and timing
  • Every lead identified from each Ad to track Ad performance and Ad spend returns
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What's different with this new service?

Three levels of fully managed growth plans to drive sales: Choose from 

  • Gold Google Ads Plan
  • Platinum Google Ads Plan
  • Premier Google Ads Plan

Choose how much you need "done for you" including;

Defining ideal target customers, developing and cleaning target lists, refining messages for target customers, managing Ad campaigns, designing and setting up Ad campaigns, maximising Ad spend ROI, and driving Ad leads to sales team member's inboxes to enable same day rapid follow-up to increase sales.

CLICK on the Gold, Platinum or Premier Plans below to view details of each Ad Plan

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Gold Google Ads Plan

Gold Plan for Google Pay Per Click Ads

  Create and Manage Ad Campaigns (includes graphics, copy & micro-site for lead capture)

  Identify sales leads from every Ad

  Clean and verify target list

  Create/Refine Buyer Personas

  Create/Refine Messaging




Platinum Google Ads Plan

Platinum Plan for Google Pay Per Click Ads

  Everything in Gold Plan +

  Define Buyers Path to Purchase 

  Define Buyer Attributes

 Align Ad messaging

  Clean target lists


Premier Google Ads Plan

Premier Plan for Google Pay Per Click Ads

  Everything in Platinum Plan +

Large Target Account Mapping for 3 Target Accounts to Maximise Your B2B Leads

  Google Ad Campaign pointed at your 3 Target Accounts

  Follow up sales email campaigns to keep your business top of mind with your target accounts



Include a LinkedIn Campaign using your own LinkedIn profile to engage with your target accounts.

 This optional campaign is  priced separately.

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Increase Revenue With Google Ads Plan

B2B Sales Specialists with 25+ years selling Software, IT Services and IT Solutions, we deeply understand your business.

Choose from Gold, Platinum or Premier Google Ad Plans featuring Pay Per Click Ads to deliver outstanding results for our tech clients.

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Reduce Costs and Simplify Operations

When internal resources and processes are stretched cleaning dirty data, and battling problematic reporting - you need a better sales engine.

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Improve Customer Retention

Boost your efficiency and productivity by automating everyday tasks. Use workflows to streamline processes and send more B2B leads directly to salespeople.


We focus on generating B2B sales and this focus hones our services.  We offer a full range of services to increase sales, tailored to meet your budget and to complement and supplement internal resources. 

Think of email, Google Ad, and LinkedIn campaigns as akin to having extra salespeople totally focused on winning new business, 7 days a week 24 hours a day.

To make these campaigns even more successful we also offer Sales Consulting Services, Micro-site development, quote-to-cash integration, pipeline development, and Google website ranking improvement services. 

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BBA process
BBA Process
BBA process

Rank Higher In Google Searches 

Utilising engaging and informative content to draw in prospects can giving you an edge over your competition. HubSpot Content Hub gives your team access to  AI content assistant for help with creating blog articles, repurposing your content for social media and the option of adding narration to blog articles - increasing the useful content on your website and increasing traffic.

Further, HubSpot offers two dynamic options for enhancing your website's appeal. 

  • Hosting your site directly through HubSpot CMS for secure, optimised,  seamless integrated experience
  • Leverage HubSpot ads to boost your site's traffic significantly. These ads can direct visitors either to custom landing pages within HubSpot or to any external webpage, amplifying your online presence. 
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Using Automation and AI to simplify sales

Using Sales Hub your business development team can increase productivity by more than 35%.

Cut your research time in half, schedule meetings seamlessly without interruptions, with custom templates swiftly generate proposals within minutes, and leverage the daily prospecting dashboard to illuminate every outstanding action for each prospect. 

Nothing falls through the cracks, no more Alt Shift, no swivel chair integration.

One dashboard with single-button access to everything. 

  • Research (company and buyer) think single click to LinkedIn profiles and ChatGPT enabled AI
  • Schedule and monitor tasks, make calls, send and track emails, manage meetings for multiple calendars and set up click-to-call 
  • Complete visibility of email opens. This means all emails sent to prospects and customers by anyone  in your organisation. Giving you a Single Source of Truth.
  • Create, send and track quotes with the option to include payment links 
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Leads and Sales Reporting

In-depth analysis and tailored insights into your advertising performance metrics

  • Ad performance metrics and analysis
  • Insights on your best performing ads
  • Prioritise re-use of best performing ads to new target prospects
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Industry | EdTech: BBA's SUPERPOWER is their ability to distill complexity into simple propositions. Their wealth of business expertise is invaluable and their specific and direct advice and guidance is a breath of fresh air when compared to other consultants.  The frameworks introduced to us by BBA were so useful that we found ourselves immediately utilising them within the business. What emerges is clarity and focus.
Dave Tucker
Founder and CEO | Glean

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