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As businesses make the shift from the overused SDR/BDR model to Full-Cycle Selling, many of us are thrilled to leave behind the customer-deflating churn of SDRs. While NPS may be on the rise, one thing we can't ignore is the fact that salespeople need to embrace a bit of marketing too...


what is full cycle sales?

Full-cycle sales is a method where salespeople take charge of prospecting and guide the entire deal from initial engagement to a successful close. It is in sharp contrast to the common SDR model, where a team of reps solely focuses on prospecting for account executives who then handle the final stages of closing deals. For more information on full-cycle sales check out our blog.


Salespeople need to work their magic and create sales material that speaks directly to the unique needs and desires of their potential clients and customers. As B2B sales teams dive headfirst into the world of social selling and personal branding, we all know the struggle of consistently producing content that is both relevant and tailored to align with the approved marketing message.


Dokio logo 4Dokio allows businesses to create and distribute high quality multi-channel content with ease.


An absolute game changer for sales teams enabling them to quickly customise marketing material and efficiently create content for sales campaigns  - all while keeping on brand and on (approved) message.

Hey there, sales folks! We've got your back with a ton of productivity tools, prospecting tools, and much more to supercharge your selling game!




Creating and distributing clever content for sales professionals navigating the competitive B2B world.


Dokio makes content localisation in different regions a breeze, empowering sales teams to effortlessly create and distribute on-brand collateral for their sales campaigns with quick approvals.


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Bupa Increase efficiency with dokio  

This large, multifunction business needed a way for its sales and customer teams to create branded sales materials across four different business units.

With Dokio, updates to rates, terms and conditions, and calls-to-action take seconds to apply across entire collateral suites. With real-time reporting, the HO marketing team has full visibility over the activity of their content creators and the materials being distributed.

Hundreds of staff across the company in Australia and New Zealand use Dokio to create personalised sales material, in-store point-of-sale, and campaign content and stakeholder communications.

Dokio integrates with the client's nominated print, merchandise, and logistics suppliers, making the ordering and production of bespoke and off-the-shelf items simple for all employees.


Dokio allows us to provide our corporate sales team with assets that are always correct and controlled, so we have the confidence that they’re using the right imagery, pre-approved text and tone of voice every time.

Campaign Manager, Bupa    



Full-cycle sales is an undeniable force when it comes to maximising your return on investment. It streamlines operations, cuts down on expenses, and boosts productivity unlike anything else.


A full-cycle sales representative is entrusted with overseeing the complete sales journey, starting from prospecting and concluding with a successful deal closure. Their role typically encompasses lead generation, discovery, qualification, delivering presentations and demonstrations, proposing solutions, and finalising deals. 

Don't be afraid to embrace the "eat what you kill model" of full-cycle selling! It's a powerful approach that you shouldn't shy away from.

If you find yourself dealing with low customer satisfaction rates, struggling to retain your sales team, lacking opportunities for career growth, or feeling overwhelmed by limited resources, now is the perfect time to embrace the full-cycle sales approach!

A full-cycle salesperson typically takes on the challenges of prospecting, qualifying and discovery, impressing prospects with presentations and demos, and ultimately negotiating and closing deals. In some cases, they may also have the added responsibility of managing accounts after the sale

In reality, full-cycle sales goes beyond simply closing deals; it's about creating genuine and impactful relationships with your clients. In this ever-changing technological environment, where intricacy holds its reign, comprehending your customers' desires is the ultimate secret to offering personalised and efficient solutions.

A holistic approach to sales is the essence of full-cycle sales. which holds huge potential for improved customer retention and customer satisfaction, career development and increased sales success.  


The Rise of the Full-Cycle Sales Rep

Picture this: sales reps swooping in capes and all, ready to tackle the entire sales process from lead engagement to deal closure. Yes, we're talking about the rise of full-cycle sales representatives – the multitasking dynamos of the sales world. While this shift has cFull-Cycle Sales Model aused a bit of a stir and some job losses, it's not something to be overly concerned about. It's a golden opportunity for sales professionals to reinvent themselves and showcase their adaptability.

Empowering Account Executives 

Say farewell to the old ways and welcome the savvy shift to full-cycle sales. We predict a major shift in sales models – unleashing the power of experienced Account Executives (AEs) to manage the entire sales process from lead generation right through to closing.

It's time to bid adieu to the SDR/AE model and let the seasoned pros take the spotlight. This strategic shift is akin to passing the baton to the anchor of a relay race – AEs effortlessly bridging the gap between initial interest and deal closure with finesse and expertise.

From Product Gurus to Customer Whisperers: No more monotony of being mere product experts; the sales landscape now demands a dynamic skill set. Sales reps, it's time to don your thinking caps, Sherlock Holmes style! Dive deep into customer challenges, channel your inner Sherlock, and become experts in understanding their problems. It's not just about knowing your product; it's about being the superhero with a cape made of empathy, ready to save the day for your customers. 


What is HubSpot Sales Hub?

Sales Hub delivers the best user experience for sales teams

HubSpot Sales Hub offers contemporary sales software with all the features you'd expect and more: prospecting & sales engagement tools, deal management functionality, reporting & analytics features as well as payments, quote, & CPQ capabilities, and coaching tools. Enhanced with the ability to seamlessly integrate with more than 1,500 tools in HubSpot’s App Marketplace 

To put it simply, Sales Hub allows businesses to manage and track leads and pipelines. It helps sales teams to engage with clients in a more efficient and automated way with email templates, lead nurture sequences, free calling, meeting scheduler and a dedicated prospecting space, amongst other features.

Sales Hub allows your sales team to connect with other business functions such as the Marketing Hub, CMS Hub, Commerce Hub and Service Hub ensuring a single view of the customer from a robust customer platform.


Whats included?

Prospecting & Sales Engagement | Deal Management | Reporting & Coaching


  • Smart CRM + HubSpot AI tools
  • Email templates + email sequences
  • Live chat + messenger integration
  • Product library
  • Conversational bots
  • Canned snippets + documents
  • Team Inbox & Mail
  • Quotes
  • Meeting scheduler
  • Deal pipeline and stages
  • Calling & Call tracking
  • Simple & deal stage automation
  • Email scheduling
  • Playbooks
  • Email tracking + notifications
  • Sales analytics and reporting
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