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What is HubSpot's Calling Solution?

What is HubSpot's Calling Solution?

Discover why HubSpot Calling is your ideal Calling solution for prospecting


The Calling feature is one of the many valuable features in Sales Hub (and Service Hub) that help with time-saving and being more organised. 

With HubSpot Calling you can make and receive calls, make notes in real-time and log and track (and record if you need that too) all in your HubSpot CRM.

If you're a user with a designated Sales Hub or Service Hub subscription, you have the ability to seamlessly connect with contacts directly from their record in HubSpot. Utilise a HubSpot-provided phone number, an outbound phone number registered for calling, or even a third-party calling provider. Capture the conversation, jot down notes in real-time, and effortlessly save the call details to the contact's profile. And if you find yourself engaged in a chat with a contact in the conversations inbox, you can conveniently access the calling tool straight from the reply editor. Sounds good, right?


Click to call with Sales Hub

Calling prospects from inside HubSpot makes it easy to record and auto-log the conversation on the contact record for future reference.

  • Spend less time calling, more time connecting
  • Automatically make and log calls directly on CRM records
  • Allow your whole team to listen to customer conversations




How good would it be to have 2 phone numbers on one device?

It's so easy with HubSpot

Sales Hub users (Starter, Professional or Enterprise) have access to a FREE HubSpot provided phone number 


this allows you to make outbound calls and receive incoming calls forwarded to your personal device using your existing mobile carrier

This new feature can be really useful, especially if you don't want to manage multiple devices you can now choose to have two phone numbers on one device.

(If you're a user with super admin permissions, you can acquire a HubSpot provided phone number then assign it to a team member.)

Create a better calling experience 

HubSpot orange telephone

Make direct calls to your customers and prospects using HubSpot's customer platform. You won't have any concerns about the call quality - its superb and you can take advantage of advanced features such as call logging and analytics.

This user-friendly feature has been specifically designed to seamlessly handle all your recorded calls, ensuring that they are effortlessly logged on the contact records within HubSpot's Smart CRM system, ensuring your team has the necessary context to deliver the best possible customer experience.


Its quick and easy to add click to call links to your content, your website and sales and marketing emails.


As well as recording the call, a mentioned above, you can take notes during the call, and save the call to the contact's record. If you're in the middle of a conversation with a contact in the conversations inbox, you can also conveniently access the calling tool directly from the reply editor. Efficiency and productivity gains are always welcome!

You can also set up call recording for your account so your whole team's calls are recorded and accessible in the calls index page for review. If you're a user in a Sales Hub or Service Hub Professional or Enterprise account, you can turn on Conversation Intelligence (CI) to automatically record, transcribe, and review calls made in HubSpot.



Which browsers support the HubSpot calling tool?

To use the calling tool in the CRM, use one of the support browsers listed below:

Windows browsers that support calling

  • Google Chrome (latest version)
  • Mozilla Firefox (latest version)
  • Microsoft Edge (latest version)

Mac browsers that support calling

  • Google Chrome (latest version)
  • Mozilla Firefox (latest version)
  • Safari (latest version)


Integrate with a third-party system

Additionally, you have the opportunity to integrate with a VoIP system. While Twilio is the preferred partner recommended by HubSpot, there are also many other third-party integrations available for connecting with your VoIP.  


HubSpot Mobile App

Make customer calls on the go with the HubSpot mobile app using your mobile phone carrier and capture all the details of your conversation with your customer in their contact record.

Coaching your team 

Elevate your team's performance by curating coaching playlists that feature insightful call recordings, tailored to enhance their skills and sales techniques. These playlists serve as a valuable tool to educate team members on soft skills, effective selling strategies, and product positioning. Organize your playlists into folders to streamline your training process and provide targeted guidance.

Stay in the loop by following playlists and receiving notifications whenever new recordings are added. This ensures that your team stays informed and up-to-date on the latest and most impactful calls. By following a playlist, you'll receive a daily email notification with updates on the newly added recordings from the previous day. Information on how to set up coaching playlists is available here.


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