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Least cost growth model in 2024

Least cost growth model in 2024

Making your numbers in 2024 is harder, requiring you to do more with fewer resources.

Growth Strategy

Organic growth trumps acquisition so let's discover the four ways to organically grow and pick which one best suits your constraints and helps you achieve your sales targets.

Growth Model

First a little historical context. The seminal organic growth strategy model is the Ansoff Matrix, first published in the Harvard Business Review in 1957. What is the Ansoff Matrix, and how does it help sales and go-to-market?

The Ansoff Matrix is a 2x2 framework designed to evaluate organic growth strategies involving new markets and or new products. Markets occupy the vertical axis, and products or offerings occupy the horizontal axis. Each square in the Ansoff Matrix  equates to a specific organic growth strategy –

  • Market Development (bottom left) – Selling existing products in new markets.

  • Market Penetration (top left) –Selling existing products in existing markets.
  • Product Development (top right) –Selling new products in existing markets.
  • Diversification (bottom right) –Selling new products in new markets


Ansoffs Matrix


Market Definition

The definition of Market can also be read as Customer or Segment or Sector to align with your needs. The key is to make decisions based on where the sales efforts will be focused. As there is no correct answer, many of our clients have allocated a proportion of their resources to more than one quadrant in an evolving matrix over the next three to five years.  As an example, they're allocating 20% of their resources to Market Development and 80% to Market Penetration. 

When faced with the challenge of fewer sales resources it's best to focus on Market Penetration.  This growth strategy means you sell the products you have and concentrate on growing market share by selling to companies that look a lot like your existing customer base.





Ansoff Growth Strategy

There are no right answers and the value in considering your growth strategy comes from knowing where to point your sales team and when to say YES to a deal.

Equally, your Ansoff growth strategy informs you of what to say NO to.

This directs B2B sales teams to the most valuable customers, segments and sectors. 



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