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B2B Sales Consulting Services Guide

B2B Sales Consulting Services Guide


What is Sales Consulting Services?

Sales Consulting Offers Solutions to Business Challenges

Top 5 Ways Sales Consulting Firms Help Clients

Sales Consulting Services 101

What can Big Business Agency do for your business?



What is Sales Consulting Services?


Sales Consulting Services are a valuable resource for businesses looking to boost their sales and maximise profits. Skilled sales professionals with market expertise and strategic know-how collaborate closely with your business to evaluate your current status, pinpoint areas for enhancement, and offer tailored strategies for sales growth.

B2B Sales consultants offer valuable guidance and advice on crucial aspects like Lead Generation, Go-To-Market Strategy, Pricing, and Negotiation tactics. Their primary goal is to assist businesses in identifying and resolving any issues that may impede their success and growth.

Through the sales consulting process, businesses can pinpoint opportunities for improvement and leverage them to optimise their sales performance.

There are three main types of sales consultants:

Sales Coaches

Sales Coaches play a crucial role in supporting sales teams to reach their targets by providing guidance and motivation. They closely monitor performances, offer constructive feedback, and focus on enhancing the training process. Their main objective is to elevate the team's success rate through expertise and advice, rather than selling themselves.

Business Consultants

Business Consultants collaborate with companies to enhance their performance by offering valuable advice and guidance on various topics such as financial planning, operational efficiency, strategic planning, and marketing. They meticulously research and analyse data to develop effective solutions tailored to their clients' needs.

Independent sales consultants

These individuals are often independent entrepreneurs who are adept at working independently or in small teams. They may work on a commission basis or on a project or retainer basis. They specialise in promoting a specific product or service they have developed expertise in, (think GAP selling or LinkedIn sales etc). Their deep knowledge of the field allows them to make informed decisions that drive sales growth.


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Sales Consulting Offers Solutions to Business Challenges 

The realities of a modern and digitally focused sales environment mean sales professionals face a unique set of challenges that offer opportunities for growth and innovation. Sales consultants help businesses navigate these challenges by providing expertise and guidance on adapting to an evolving sales industry. 

Here are a few common challenges that sales professionals face:

Changing Buyer Behaviour

Today's customers have high expectations - they want personalised experiences, quick responses, and the ability to anticipate their evolving needs. An experienced Sales Consultant can guide businesses in adapting to these changing customer demands by offering strategies for building relationships, enhancing customer service, and improving retention.

Digital First Business Strategy 

It's clear that technology has had a significant impact on the business landscape. To stay ahead, businesses must keep up with emerging trends. Sales Consultants are here to help organisations leverage new technologies like social media platform and AI to grow their customer base and secure more deals, all while maintaining crucial human connections.



Increasing Complexity in the Sales Process

Navigating the increasingly complex buying journeys, which now involve multiple decision-makers and longer cycles, is where a sales consultant can step in to help you effectively close deals without relying on traditional sales approaches.

Increasing Competition 

With technology simplifying market entry for businesses, competition has intensified. A Sales Consultant can offer valuable guidance on how to differentiate and stand out in a crowded marketplace while highlighting your company's unique value proposition.



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Some of the different types of Sales Consulting Services include:

  1. Sales Operations and Sales Process Consulting:

     This type of consulting is a fantastic way for businesses to streamline their sales process and boost efficiency. Services offered may include revamping processes, tracking performance, and implementing sales automation.
  2. Sales Leadership Consulting:

     Companies that provide sales leadership consulting services empower sales leaders, managers, and emerging talents with the necessary tools to cultivate and lead successful sales teams, consistently surpass sales targets, attract top talent, and outperform competitors.
  3. Sales Training Consulting:

    When aiming to enhance the effectiveness of a company's sales team, sales training consultancies provide training and development programs, personalised coaching, and performance benchmarking to drive success. As full cycle sales emerges as a popular response to current economic conditions, sales people need to be developing their business acumen to been seen as a trusted advisor by their prospects and their customers. Business acumen is a skill that can be developed with training, coaching and is ultimately what will determine success or failure for every salesperson.
  4. Sales Hiring and Recruitment Consulting:

    Companies specialising in sales hiring consulting assist businesses in finding and hiring qualified sales staff members. Services typically encompass assessment, recruiting, and selection support to ensure the best fit for your team.
  5. Sales Outsourcing:

    This type of service entails delegating specific aspects of the sales process to a third-party provider. Services offered may include lead generation, market research, or inside sales/digital sales. Services might be specific for a nominated task or tasks or could even be end-to end sales process outsourcing.
  6. Social Selling Sales Consulting:  

    This method of sales really took off post-pandemic with B2B salespeople getting to grips with the absence of in person meetings and networking opportunities turned to the digital realm to meet their prospects.  

    Depending on the industry, Consultants leverage platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Tiktok to help clients establish a strong online presence. By utilising social selling techniques, businesses can effectively reach new customers and drive sales growth.




and last but not certainly not least -

Sales Compensation and Incentive Plans:
Sales Consultants collaborate with Sales Leaders and Managers to create or update sales compensation and incentive plans that inspire sales teams effectively, ensuring they align with company goals and industry standards.



Top 5 Ways Sales Consulting Firms Help Clients


  1. Sales Strategy Development:

    Consultants have the expertise to create tailor-made sales strategies that align perfectly with the client's business goals and conditions. This includes identifying target markets, setting sales targets, and crafting unique value propositions.
  2. Sales Process Optimisation:

    Implementing and streamlining a sales process that everyone follows, incorporating best practices, and ensuring the sales cycle is optimised, leading to shorter sales cycles and increased conversion rates.
  3. CRM Implementation and Optimisation:

    Consultants can assist in selecting, implementing, or optimising Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems to ensure that sales teams and leaders are making the most of technology for improved tracking, analysis, and management of customer interactions.
  4. Performance Metrics and Analysis:

    By guiding sales leaders in defining and tracking key performance indicators (KPIs), consultants can assist sales managers in monitoring their team's progress accurately measuring success of sales efforts and making data-driven decisions to enhance sales performance.

  5. Change Management and Transformation:

    During times of change, sales consultants are adept at guiding sales teams through transitions, such as mergers, acquisitions, or shifts in strategic direction, to minimise disruption and maintain sales momentum.

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Sales Consulting Services 101


What can Big Business Agency do for your business?

We are here to help you develop into a top-tier sales and service organisations, equipping you to thrive in today's tight market using contemporary digital sales techniques and powerful automation tools. By carefully aligning individuals, teams, processes, and technology within growing companies, our team of B2B Sales Consulting experts offers the strategies, structures, and tools necessary to achieve long-lasting business success and provide your business with a solid competitive advantage.

When you work with Big Business Agency you will be collaborating closely with a B2B Sales expert who will dedicate time to understand your company’s Go To Market Strategy and Growth Goals. With a thorough understanding of your success criteria, your assigned Sales Specialist will craft a personalised plan to assist you in implementing new capabilities and expanding your business.

We review your go-to-market strategy, operating models and structures for your sales organisation as a tailored sales consulting engagement aimed at small business and middle-market sales organisations.

We are uniquely qualified to transform your sales and service organisation from the ground up – because we know what works. We lean in to AI and automation with tools like Sales Hub and Trueleads to give your team productivity gains and a competitive edge.




From boosting leads with Google Ads to improving search rankings with fresh content, our proven system covers all bases to find, attract and win new customers, giving you outstanding results.

If you'd like to find out more, get in touch for an obligation free chat.

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